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Nowadays Maximum time we spent on the internet too and fro.we downloads Audio-video song software movie etc . there is no one who had not face yet to download problem. In this Market Lots of downloaders but somethings free or paid but no one is superior. Today i will discuss with you about ant download manager is also paid, but i will provide you with its Registration key form their giveaway offer, so you came the Right place Stay with us and Download your necessity things with Ant Download Manager To get Ant Download Manager Registration Key Follow the below Instructions.

Ant Download Manager PRO License Step 3

Features :

  1. Ant download Manger has Browser interagent plugin you will able to download your desire things one click its interagent with a Most browser like chorome, Mozilla, Microsoft edge opera etc.
  2. It has Download Speed Acceleration.
  3. Ant download Manger has 60 days download history and stored more than 300 to 3000 record.
  4. AntiADm updates its software regularly.
  5. Antiadm respect your time they made Drag and drop features make your work Easy. And consuming your time.
  6. Its has Preview media files.
  7. Supports proxy HTTP(S), FTP, SOCKS4,5.
  8. Ant idm suport Multi languge curently available with Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), German, Greek, English, Korean, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Farsi, Portuguese (Brazilian).
  9. You can download the file to your settings: Method, PostParam, Cookies, User-Agent, etc. (Context file menu\Properties\Extra).
  10. This software has impressive Pause and Resume download option so nothing can not interrupt your download.
  11. Multiple File download Option.
  12. Portable software.
  13.  you can set schedule your download
  14. Categories by download option
  15. Password by stores option makes your download secure.
  16. Supports network HTTP(S), FTP(S) and stream media F4M, M3U8, MPEG-DASH, VIMEO-STREAM protocols.
  17. No advertising; Simple and intuitive interface; A User’s Guide that is maintained up-to-date with each new version; Saving the downloaded files by category, all together in a single folder, or any other different from the binding categorized; Support downloads lists with extensive sorting and search capabilities; Links parking, active downloads indicators;


  1. · Windows(x32/x64) Vista+
  2. · Google Chrome or clones: 360Chrome, Chedot, CocCoc, Comodo Dragon, Brave, MS EDGE, Opera, Slimjet, SRWare Iron, Torch, UC Browser, Vivaldi, Yandex, etc.
  3. · Internet Explorer 8+
  4. · Mozilla FireFox or clone: Comodo IceDragon, Waterfox, etc.

Get Ant Download Manager Registration Key Free:

1. Download the Giveaway Installer from Click HERE.

2. Open with your administrator Permission and install like as usual software.

3. After install open it and enjoy no need to activate its pre activated

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Note: Giveaway offers sometimes push you to make some unwanted requests. Please ignore all kinds of requested and enjoy your desire software without free of cost.


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