How to Install Avast Update Offline & Virus Definitions Download

Avast Antivirus, one of the most powerful antivirus software, needs to update regularly to increase the strongness of the software. It is an extremely powerful on windows operating system. It gives you protection both online and offline. That’s why, it is in the first choice of the customer who are going to try any antivirus for the first time.

How to Install Avast Update Offline

In newest “Avast Nitro update”, there’s a lot of fascinating features. Avast called it is the best antivirus of all yet. In this update, they also have added some new functions in their software. So, the latest update is a needy thing. But if  you are not able do it by online, then you can do it offline. Here are the steps to follow.

Download Avast Free Antivirus offline installer :

if you haven’t install avast antivirus into your windows then download a offline installer version from below link:

Download Avast Free antivirus offline installer >> Click here.

Updating Avast free antivirus offline:

    1. Go to from any internet enable laptop or computer.

Virus Definitions Download

  1. Check for your version in the update list and download the update according to your version. (You will get the info of version in the “Settings” of Avast)

3Click on the “Download” and wait for it to finish the downloading.

  1. Avast Update file is called VPS file also known as “vsupd.exe”. Then find this VPS file in your Download file, and copy or move it to your USB Flash Drive.

5Now Connect the USB Flash Drive into your PC. Double click on the “vsupd.exe” aka VPS file. An update installation wizard will come, then follow the instruction the update will successfully installed. And when you are installing update it will not connect to the internet anymore.

Get Also: avast internet security activation code free for one year.

After finishing update, your Avast Antivirus 2018 will gets its most powerful Nitro update which will make your PC more stronger against any type of virus. And now this antivirus also gives protection against Ransomware, Wannacry etc.

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