How to Password Protect A ZIP Folder in Windows 10

It is well known that Windows 10 built-in Zip (compression) function level is very primary. It can do only just compresses and decompresses. You can’t create password protect zip file(s) in Windows 10, but there are other ways to do it. Using Encrypting File System (EFS), you can encrypt your files. Encryption helps you to protect your data from attackers. Here is the ultimate guide for you: How to Password Protect A ZIP Folder in Windows 10, let’s start learning the method you can try:

How to Password Protect A ZIP Folder in Windows 10

On the other hand, if you want to protect your archive (zip) file with a password, you will need to install third-party software like WinZip, WinRAR, or 7zip file. All software’s have a free and paid version.

How to Password Protect A ZIP Folder in Windows 10:

Create a password and Encrypt folder using WinZip:

WinZip is a great tool that has been downloaded over 1 billion times. Which mean, it has a great feature. Here is a quick guide on how to create a password protected file or folder using WinZip.

password protect with winzip software

  • After opening, a pop-up window will appear, Click on “Use Evaluation Version” button

Use Evaluation Version button win zip

  • Encrypt tab on from left sidebar

how to Encrypt folder with winzip in windows 10

  • Select your file(s) or folder(s)
  • Drag and drop file(s) or folder(s) on WinZip

encrypt a file or folder on WinZip windows 8.1/10

  • Enter Password window pop-up

Enter a strong Password winzip software

  • Create a strong password
  • Click the save button

add document file and Click save

Create a Zip file with Password using WinRAR:

  • Download WinRAR and install it your pc
  • Right click on the file/folder you want to zip with password
  • Click Add to archive from the context menu

Create a Zip file with Password using WinRAR

  • Select the General tab In the Archive name and parameters dialog
  • Rename your RAR file
  • Choose your Archive format

winrar software create password with Archive format

  • Click the Set password button
  • Set strong password from Set Password tab

Set Password a zip folder using winrar in windows 10

  • Click OK
  • Then a password-protected ZIP archive will be created in the location where the original file/folder is

Create a password using 7-Zip:

  • Download 7-Zip and install it your pc
  • Right click on the file/folder you want to zip with password
  • In the context menu, choose 7-Zip > Add to archive

Create a password protect folder using 7-Zip

  • Type a name in the Add to Archive dialog
  • Choose your Archive format as a Zip
  • Type password under the “Enter password” box and “Reenter password” box,
  • And finally, click, OK.

Password will be required to open the Zip file

  • Password will be required to open the Zip file
  • Then a password-protected ZIP archive will be created in the location where the original file/folder is

Encrypt Your Files without any Software Using Windows 10:

If you want to encrypt your data or make a password having any software, then there is a best way to protect your data with windows 10 encryption. Let’s start to know how to encrypt a folder with windows 10:

  • Select your target folder(s) or files(s)
  • Right click on the file/folder you want to encrypt

Encrypt Files without any Software Windows 10

  • Click Properties in the context menu

Encrypt Your Files Using Windows 10 Properties

  • Under the General tab, click Advanced

password protect files folder Windows 10 home

  • Check the “Encrypt contents to secure data” box.
  • Choose “Apply changes to this folder only”
  • Click OK.

How to Encrypt Folder windows 10

Tips: You have to keep in mind your password.

Risk of Sending password protect zip File folder before emailing:

You want to send a file or folder securely. So that no one can access your document, office files and other important data. But sending email without encryption has some risk. Man in the middle attack can access your important file. If you are using a vpn internet, then your data isn’t safe.

So that you need to set a password and apply encryption both to your zipped file or folder. That way man in the middle attacker or hacker cannot open the document without password.

Why you should Set a Strong password:

There are lots of software available in the internet to unlock the zip folder / file password. So you have to set a strong password. A strong password is hard to break. There are lots of strong password generator website available. But i am recommend Norton Password generator >> Get HERE.

Or you can use at least 12 character long password that contain uppercase,  lower case, number and symbol. example: vqo4390YCO*200%

How to Encrypt Office Files, PDF, Media Files and Documents:

Also you can encrypt and set a password to PDF file, Image file such as: jpg, png, gif, bmp etc, any music or video file such as: wmv, mp4, mp3, mkv etc.

  1. Step-1 : Just create a folder then insert any file to this folder.
  2. Step-2 : Now encrypt and password protect the folder with winzip, 7zip or windows 10 default encryption method.

In this way you can encrypt or password protect all of your office 365 or office 2007 files including word document, excel 2007 file, PowerPoint presentation and other official document.

Secure & Backup Your Data Before Upload to a Cloud Server:

You should encrypt contents to secure data greyed out. Protect your work document, file and folder with encryption and password protected it before emailing or uploading document or files to any file sharing server (as like dropbox, one drive, google drive, mediafire etc) in the internet. There are lots of password protect folder software to encrypt and make password.

Now you put a password on a folder and encrypt it using Winzip, winrar, 7zip in any version of windows such as: windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8/8.1 and windows 10, also in windows server.

Why you should upload most important data into a trusted cloud server?

Your phone, computer or any other device may be stolen or destroyed by any accident. Or your office files, media files or folder may be locked or deleted by any malware or virus attack. when you make a folder require a password and upload it to one drive or google drive, then your data will be safe from stolen or malware attack.


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