How to Completely Uninstall Norton Antivirus from Windows 10

How to Remove Norton Antivirus Completely Windows 10: If you have installed Norton Antivirus in your Windows system then you will face a tough time uninstalling it. Like other antivirus software, Norton will leave behind lots of junk files and data in the registry even though you have uninstalled it from Programs and Features. Most of the people download these antivirus programs for their Windows PC protection from external threats like malware, virus and other digital threats etc. But removing these programs from the windows system is one hell of a task.

How to Remove Norton Antivirus Completely Windows 10

The main problem occurs when you try to install other antivirus software on your Windows PC. Because you won’t be able to install it as the residue of the older antivirus is still on the system registry. To clean all the files and configurations from the registry, there is a tool called Norton Removal Tool.

uninstall Norton from Windows 10 completely

It was specifically developed to uninstall all the Norton products (Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security) on your PC. So without wasting any time, let’s see How to uninstall Norton from Windows 10 completely with the help of some Steps below.

How to Remove Norton Antivirus Completely Windows 10 2019:

Step 1: Click Windows Key + Q to bring up Windows Search option. Then type control and hit on “Control Panel” from the list of search results.

uninstall Norton from Windows 10

Step 2: Under the “Programs” click on the “Uninstall a program”.

Step 3: Find the Norton Products then right-click on it and select “Uninstall”.

Uninstall or Change a Program

Step 4: Follow on-screen instructions to uninstall Norton from your windows system completely.

Step 5: Restart your Computer to save changes.

Remove Norton Completely Using Norton Removal tool:

Step 6: Download the Norton Removal Tool from the link below:

Download Here

If the above link doesn’t work try the other link below.

Download Here

Step 7: Run the Norton Removal Tool.exe. If you see a security warning, hot “Yes to continue”.

Note: Make sure to close all open windows of your Norton program. If possible, force closes them by using “Task Manager”.

Task Manager

Step 8: Accept the End License Agreement (EULA) and hit to the “Next”.

Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

Step 9: Type the characters exactly as shown on your screen and hit to the “Next”.

Norton Security Remove Reinstall

Step 10: When the uninstall is complete, then reboot your PC to save changes.

Step 11: Delete the Norton Removal Tool.exe tool from your Windows PC.

Step 12: Open the Program Files (x64) and Program Files (x86) then find the following folders and delete them (if present):

Norton Antivirus

Norton Internet Security

Norton System Works

Norton Personal Firewall

Norton Security Uninstall form Windows 10

Step 13: Restart your Windows PC to save changes.

In this way, you can remove the Norton antivirus and Norton Internet Security 90 Days Trial Version and Norton Personal firewall also. Some old product of Norton such as Norton 360 is also uninstalled in that method.

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