How to Retrieve MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Log Files

MalwareBytes is one of the best Anti-Malware tools. The positive point of this software is this software is available in all platforms like Windows, Mac, and Android. This software is a popular malware protector for over 10 years. It has all expert feature which give you full protection against all types of Malwares. It has real time protection and flash memory scanner in addition. In its recent update of version 3.0, it also adds protection for Ransomware. It has protection for malicious website. Overall MalwareBytes Ant-Malware is a great choice to use it along with any normal anti-virus. It has one free trail and one paid version. You will get 14 days to register it. After register, the full feature of MalwareBytes will unlock. Log of scans are very important file. With that you can check the past scans detail and logs. MalwareBytes Anti-Malware has scan log history. If you can’t find that. Read the full article. Here are the steps of how to retrieve log files.

How to Retrieve MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Log Files:


    1. Open ‘MalwareBytes’ Anti Malware from your PC.

How to Retrieve MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Log Files

    1. In the main menu, click on “History”.

    1. Here you will find to options, one is “Quarantine” and another is “Application logs”. Select “Application logs”and Select the recent log according to date.

  1. Now got to the left corner of Bottom, here you will find “Export”, Click on it and select the Text file (.txt).
  2. Now save it in your Computer to your chosen folder. Then go to folder, you will find the log text file named as ‘mbamlog’ or another name.

Here are the easy steps to retrieve MalwareBytes Anti-Malware log file. It will help you to track the performance of your Computer. And also here you will know about protection log not only scan log.

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