How To Stop Ads On Android Phone/Tablets

Nowadays, the Internet has become an unsafe place. Advertisements are increasing day by day throughout the web. These ads are may come from downloading games or free apps. Sometimes they make weird or odd sounds or might start playing a video without user permission. There are various ways to stop/block these types of ads or pop-ups ads. The Android device offers a number of different ways to block these ads. By using these ways you can easily block ads in Android apps, Games and Browsers on both Android phones and tablets. In below, there are various types of way to stop/block/disable various types of ads from the various platform. Blocking unwanted ads and apps is important for your phone’s internet security. Let’s Know How To Stop Ads On Android Phone or Tablets.

How To Stop Ads On Android Phone

9 Ways to Disable Ads on Android Phone/Tablets Apps:

How to block/stop/disable ads on Android tablet:

#1. Adblock Plus:

Adblock Plus is a free ad blocker application for android device. It is an extension that blocks ads to your specification. It ensures your browsing experience to be faster. It works using the reverse proxy that means it appeals for the web servers for your phone. It runs in the background.

adblock plus

It has various features like blocking of images, hiding of HTML elements, Whitelist, hiding of ads on a website, disabling of social media buttons, disabling of tracking and disabling of malware domains etc. This app has different functions for rooted and non-rooted devices. It has also different functions for each version of the Android operating system. This app has an installation guide.

For using Adblock Plus, please follow these steps,

Step 01: At first download the app and install it.

Step 02: Then go to Settings, then Security and enable Unknown Sources. You can disable Unknown Sources after installation.

Step 03: Then open the application and enable the Filtering option which is at the top. Adblock will not block ads without this option enabled. It automatically set-up proxies and without requiring user intervention it works in the background.

Step 04: After enabling Filtering your processing is done.

Platform: Android.

Price: Free

More Information and Free Version: Adblock Plus

#2. AdAway:


AdAway is a tool that blocks ads on Android devices. It uses IP addresses and host files to block ads. It works on the devices which are rooted. It is very easy to use. For using AdAway, please follow these steps,

Step 01: At first go to Google Soapbox Apps store/ Google Play Store on your Android device and search for the AdAway app and then click on the Buy button to download.

Step 02: Then start the AdAway application and click on the “Download Files and Apply Ad Blocking” option. Then your phone will be rooted.

Step 03: When AdAway finishes downloading, reboot your phone.

Step 04: If you find any site is still showing ads then go to AdAway’s list. Open AdAway app and tap on “Menu” and select “Lists”. Then click on the “Black” tab and then tap the “Menu” button and “Add”. After that, type in the Web address bar and click on the “Add” button again. Then reboot your device once more and the ads should now disappear.

Platform: Android. this app can ensure your android mobile security by blocking unwanted ads.

Price: Free

AdAway Website:

Block Ads in browsers on Android (For Firefox):

If you don’t want to run an app in the background, here is the tutorial for you. This method only blocks advertisements in the Firefox application. For using this method, please follow these steps,

Step 01: At first, you need to install Firefox on your Android device.

Step 02: Then open it and go to Settings, then Tools and then go to Add-ons.

Step 03: Then open the search box and search for Adblock Plus and install it.

Step 04: After installation, it will start blocking ads successfully. If you want to changes filters go to Tools, then Add-ons and then go to Adblock Plus.

How to stop Google Play ads on android:

You can stop Google Play ads on your android device by following the below steps:

Step 01: At first go to Settings and then applications on your Android device.

Step 02: Then go to the Unknown Sources option.

Step 03: If the option is unchecked, then tap the checkbox and select OK on the confirmation popup.

How to remove ads from Android Apps for Games:

#1. By using Lucky Patcher:

You can easily remove ads from any apps and games by using a small tool named Lucky Patcher. But for using this app you must root your android device to start the removing process. There are a lot of tutorial available on the internet for root your android device. In below, for example; there is the way to remove ads from “MX Player” app.

lucky patcher

Step 01: At first, download Lucky Patcher application and then install it on your Android device.

Step 02: Open Lucky Patcher app. Then the software will load the entire app that installed on your android device. Then select the app from which you want to remove ads.

Step 03: There is a menu with various options. Select the “Open menu of patches” option to continue.

Step 04: Now another menu will displays. Now click on the “Remove Google Ads” option to continue.

Step 05: Then two options will displays on the next menu. Now click on the “Patch to Remove Google Ads” option.

Step 06: Then you will find various options to remove ads. Then click on the “Apply” button.

Step 07: Then wait for few times to patch the app.

Step 08: And finally, after patching successfully, you will get a successful message. That is-Congratulations! You have successfully remove ads from app”.

Platform: Android.

Price: Free.

More information and Free Version: Lucky Patcher (5.57 MB)

#2. By using HOSTS file:

hosts file

In below there is the way to remove ads from your android app/games by using HOSTS file blocking trick.

Step 01: At first, open this Text File and download it to your computer or copy its contents in a notepad file.

Step 02: If you download this file then rename the file as “hosts”.

Step 03: Now you have the “hosts” file. Then transfer this file in your android device to remove all those advertisements.

Step 04: Then open the “File Explorer” on your android device.

Step 05: Now, copy the file on your android device and then paste it in system/etc or in/etc. If you have already a hosts file then rename it to “hosts.bak”.

Step 06: Then paste new hosts file there. For this step, you must have the administrative right’s to paste the file.

Step 07: And finally you need to reboot your android device and then you will see this trick is working. All the advertisements in your android apps/games/browsers have vanished away.

How to stop ads on Android Google Chrome:

You can stop ads on your Android Chrome by following the below steps:

Step 01: At first open the Chrome.

Step 02: Then click on the three dots menu which is in the top right corner.

Step 03: Then scroll down to the “Settings” option and then select “Site Settings” option and then click on the “Pop-ups” option.

How to stop ads on Android Notification Bar and Home Screen:

In below there is two option to stop ads/disable the notification updates on Android notification bar and Home screen.

Block Ads from Application Manager:

Step 01: At first touch the “Setting” icon.

Step 02: Then touch the “Application Manager” option.

Step 03: Then select the Application which you want to block the ads.

Step 04: Then remove the “Tick” mark from the “Show Notification” option.

Step 05: And finally, touch the “OK” button.

#2. Block Ads from Notification Bar:

Step 01: When the ads display on the notification bar; slide it down.

Step 02: Then select the Application which you want to block the ads/notifications.

Step 03: There is a small box will appear from below the app’s notification.

Step 04: Then touch the “App info” option.

Step 05: Then remove the “Tick” mark on the “Show Notification” option on the App Info menu.

Step 06: And finally, touch the “OK” button.

There are various ways to block ads on Android phones or tablets or browsers. These are the best reliable ways to block ads from android apps or games or notification bar or home screen or chrome. I hope, now you can easily block any add-on Android devices. Now you can easily enjoy surfing the website and working online. Any unwanted ad, pop-ups will not interrupt you. If you have any question or suggestion or any problem with the tutorial or if you can’t block advertisements in your Android device, then feel free to comment below.

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