How To Uninstall Norton Security On Windows 10: Step by Step

Well, Norton Security is one of the most renowned antivirus product all over the world and Norton security user is spread across the world. Many users face some problems when they are trying to uninstall or remove Norton antivirus from their operating system especially. Today we will show you how to uninstall Norton security on windows 10. To continue this please follow the below steps to remove Norton from your Windows 10 and Windows 8 PC.

how to uninstall Norton Security on Windows 10: (8 easy steps with images)

  1. Go to Your operating system settings and click on system to see ‘App and Feature’ option. Then select Norton Security app.

How To Uninstall Norton Security On Windows 10

2. Then all you need to do to start the uninstall process by clicking on the ‘yes’ button.

How To remove norton security free3. Then the initializing process will start.

How To delete Norton Security from windows Computer step 3

4. Then you need to click on “please remove all user data” which is indicated by a red triangle to continue the process.

Norton Security uninstallation guide step 4

5. Please select the “No, thanks” button if you see the following picture on your screen.

secure your PC with Norton PC Security

6. Then, to continue the process click the ‘next’ button.

uninstall norton product windows 8

7. The removal process of this security takes some several minutes. So, don’t panic and wait.

Norton removal tool

8. After that, you will see that Norton Security uninstalled successfully. Then please restart your pc.

norton antivirus removal final tips


This is how you can remove Norton security from your device.

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