How to Uninstall or Remove Avast SafeZone Browser

We everybody knows that when Avast is giving their SafeZone Browser (built with Chromium) with their antivirus. But everyone likes their own favorite browser. Avast SafeZone browser is a good browser but it is not selected as a primary browser in the world. And another problem is, recently google researcher’s found a vulnerability in Avast SafeZone browser. With this browser your PC can be attacked by viruses made from hackers. But, good news is this security mistake is already fixed by Avast team. And Avast has discontinued this browser with their antivirus in October update 2017.But still if you don’t want to use it. Then you can uninstall remove it from your computer. Here are steps to remove it.

Uninstalling or removing SafeZone browser from Avast:

  1. Open Avast User Interface
  2. Go to the “Settings” option, then there select “Components
  3. Now look for security, and keep scrolling down till you locate SafeZone browser. Double-Click on it and “Uninstall Component”.
  4. Now restart your computer so that this change works.

Uninstalling or removing SafeZone browser from Windows Control Panel:

    1. Open Control Panel, then go to Programs and select Programs and features.
    2. There you will find Avast Internet Security or Avast AV, select it and click on Change

Remove Avast SafeZone Browser

  1. After clicking on change there will a windows appears with asking which components do you want to install, now uncheck SafeZone browser and click on
  2. Wait for Avast to make it change

Both system are great. You can do one of them to uninstall or remove SafeZone browser from your Computer. Avast has recently announced that they are making another browser in Chromium which will be soon announced. Hope that browser would be good enough than the last one.

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