How To Unzip A File In Windows 10 without WinZip & WinRaR

Windows 10 has built-in Zip function. Just double click on the Zip folder, you can access to your content. It is a best practice to Unzip file(s) or folder(s) before using your content. Moreover, if you don’t Unzip your content, you can’t edit them. Let’s know How To Unzip A File In Windows 10 and windows 8/8.1/7 [without winzip, winrar, 7zip and any software]:

Similarly, you can’t install any software without Unzip.

There are many methods to do it but I will share easiest methods with picture. Let’s start……

how to unzip a file in windows 10

How To Unzip A File In Windows 10 without Winzip:

You can zip and unzip any file or folder in 3 methods. here is the method we shown:

Method-01 (Using context menu):

  • At first, right-click on the zipped (compressed) folder(s)
  • Click Extract All from the context menu
  • Check the box “Show extracted files when complete
  • Select a Destination and Extract file(s). To select Destination, you have to click on Browse But if you don’t want to change the destination, Click Extract button and file(s) will extract in the same location where Zipped folder(s) is located


how to unzip files on windows 10 without winzip

Step 2:

how do i unzip a file in windows 10 without winzip

Method-02 (from Zipped folder):

  • Double-click on Zipped (compressed) folder
  • Select document(s)
  • Right-click on selected document(s)
  • Choose Cut option
  • Choose file location from Widows left-bar
  • Paste the selected document(s)

Follow those steps to UnCompress any Folder or Files in Windows 8/10:


how to unzip files for free



how to unzip without winzip windows 10


unzip gz file windows


why can ti unzip files on windows 10


How to unzip windows ten free online

How to Unzip 7z Files in windows 10/8/7:

Step 1:

To unzip a 7zip file in windows 10, you need to install the 7z software from below:

Download 7z here.

Step 2:

After download and install this software, just right click on the zip file and click on Unzip.

How to Unzip a Tar.Gz file in windows 10/8.1/7:

  1. You can easily uncompress a tar gz or gz extension zip file using any zip software as like win zip, 7zip (open source), win zip and others. Those all software is free.
  2. Just download and install those software and right click on the zip file and click on extract file.

How to Unzip a password protected zip file in windows 10/8/7:

  1. To unzip a password protected zip folder in windows 10 you need any types of zip software, you can download and install open source zip software 7zip. Download 7z here.
  2. After install 7zip, Right click on the password protect zip file and click on Extract.
  3. It ask for password, type the password here and click ok, you are done.

You don’t need any software to extract or create self extracting zip file in windows 10/8.1/7

Download and install any one of the best zip software to extract tar gz file easily.

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