How to Zip a Folder with WinRAR [3 Best Compression Method]

Time is money. So you don’t want to waste your time manually sending or sharing individual files. To solve this problem, you can use WinRAR software to compress file(s) or folder(s) into a single ZIP archive. Let’s know How to Zip a folder with WinRAR and without winRAR:

How to Zip a folder with WinRAR

Its very easy to use winRAR. Just follow the tutorial from below:

Benefits of Zip (compress) files using WinRAR

      • You can save your storage space. (Up to 80%)
  • Download or upload Zip (compress) files within a short time
  • Zip Multiple files
  • You can secure your data with password

How to Zip a folder with WinRAR:

right click and click to archive

click to create zip file 02

make zip file

How to Highly Compress a Folder & Files with WinRar:

Step 1: To compress files with WinRar, you need to install the winrar first. Download WinRar from below:

Download HERE

Step2:  After install, right click on the file or folder that you want to highly compress.

Highly Compress a Folder Files with WinRar

Step3: Click on RAR button, select “Best” from dropdown and Click ok.

highly zip file using winrar windows 10

How to Password Protect A Zip Folder With WinRar:

  1. Right-click on selected file(s) or folder(s), you want to Zip
  2. Click  Add To Archive from context menu
  3. Select Archive Format to RAR
  4. Click on Advanced Tab and Set the password

password protect zip folder winrar

password protect zip file winrar

how to zip a folder without winrar:

how to zip a folder without winrar

  1. Right Click on the folder that you want to zip
  2. Click on Send To
  3. Click on “Compressed Zip Folder”
  4. Now you can see a zip folder beside this folder.

It’s easy to use winRAR to zip files and folder. WinRAR supports windows 10, windows 8 and windows 7. So you can easily download and install the software into your computer to zip and unzip any types of files, such as pdf files, video files, documents, doc, ppt, xls, audio file etc.

WinRaR is one of the best free zip creator software to compress file and folder for free.

There is lots of software in the market to compress or zip, unzip files. Most popular software are 7zip, winrar, Win zip etc.

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