How to ZIP A PDF File on Windows 10

When you want to send a huge PDF file(s) via email, Of course, you have faced a problem. Moreover, if your internet connection is slow, you will know how difficult to do the entire process is. To solve this problem, you can Zip (compress) PDF files using windows 10 built-in tool. Then, you can easily send your Email with compressed PDF files. Here is our guide to How to ZIP A PDF File on Windows 10, let’s start:

Similarly, you can compress any large files to small size with Windows 10 default zip program.

Benefits of ZIP (compress) PDF files using Windows 10 built in tool:

  • You can save your storage space. (Up to 80%)
  • Download or upload Zip (compress) PDF files within a short time.
  • Zip Multiple PDF files
  • You can secure your data with password protected Zip files.
  • It’s FREE

How to ZIP A PDF File on Windows 10:

Today, we will show two ways to create a Zip (compress) PDF file(s).

Method-01 (using send to menu):

  1. Choose & select your PDF file(s)
  2. Right click on the selected PDF file(s)
  3. From the context menu, choose to Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder
  4. Rename your Zip (compress) PDF file(s), and press the enter key

compress a pdf file on windows 10 with send to menu

Method-02 (using file explorer):

  1. Open-File Explorer
  2. Choose the PDF file(s) you want to zip
  3. From the Ribbon Menu, click on the Share tab and then select the Zip button
  4. Rename or accept the suggested name, and press the enter key

How to ZIP A PDF File on Windows 10

Compress PDF files With The Help of 4Dots Free PDF Compressor:

Its an easy and effective method to compress pdf file fast and easily. now lets know how to compress pdf file before email.

Step 1: Get 4Dots Free PDF Compressor software Download HERE

Step 2: Install the software into your windows 10. Open the pdf compressor software and click on “Add PDF Files”.

Compress PDF files Help of Free PDF Compressor

Step 3: Now select the output location and Click on “Compress”.

You can easily compress a batch of PDF files with this free program.

now open the output pdf folder to check its new pdf file size. You could get compressed in megabytes.  I compressed a PDF file from 1.8 MB to 398 KB.

how to compress large pdf files to small size? Ans: use any pdf compressor and zip the pdf file both.

Method 3: Using 7zip Software to Zip PDF File or Folder:

Download 7zip software and install it. Then right click on the pdf file to compress it easily.

How to Reduce pdf File file size for email attachment:

Step 1: Visit the Pdf compression website from Click HERE.

How to Reduce pdf File file size for email attachment

Step 2: click on Compress PDF option, and then click on Choose pdf file to upload your PDF file.

Step 3: Download the compressed pdf file from small pdf website.

Step 4: Now Zip or compress pdf files using windows default compression.

how to reduce pdf file size without losing quality

More PDF Compression Software:

You can download the NXpowerlite Pdf Compression software for both your Windows PC and Mac.

Download HERE.

When you’ve installed it and open your file in the PDF compressor:

  1. Now Click on the File
  2. Export the PDF file
  3. Click on the Quartz-Filter menu > select Reduce File size
  4. Click on the Save

In conclusion:

It takes a long time to ZIP & Unzip any large PDF files. But you have to consider fast transmission & security which makes easy your digital life.

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